Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29 Feb 2012 - Potatoes & Fartichokes

I'm loving this mid-week day off!  I decided that instead of writing a list of things to do, then not get round to doing them all, I'd write the list as I did things and achieve 100%.  I ran out of sunlight at the allotment, but as "planting broadbeans" wasn't on the list, I didn't not do it!

So, my decision at the start of the year to do only an hour at a time at the allotment failed once again.  I did two hours and watched the sunsetting ;-)

I was also fortunate enough to find a frog in the pond - can you? 

Well, onto the work then..... I was so pleased with the way the day ended I have updated the front photo to today's look. 

First job was the potato bed (which is actually on the masterplan as 2 beds, but that will happen next year).  I was truly surprised to see the amount of greenery under the tarp.  They couldn't have been getting any light at all, surely?  Anyway, it was quite easy to dig them up as the soil is quite sandy. 

I've now got the front row as Vales Emerald, the second row as Kerrs Pink and then as the bed widens a bit more, I've split that in 2 squares, so the top left has got the King Edwards and left room for the Pink Fir Apples we got at the seed swap to go top right.

Then it was time to sort out the Jerusalem Artichokes, more than one person has called them Fartichokes - as we've never tried them before, I guess we'll find out!

Artichokes protected
While I was there, I snapped a few photos of how things are coming along - there are a few holes (which may be the rabbits being nosey) around a currant bush, garlic and asparagus - I'm guessing they don't like those, cos they didn't stay long.  I've protected the potatoes and artichokes straight away tho, and will give Mike the good news about his next jobs later!
Garlic shoots
transplanted rhubarb
old strawberries
new strawberries

currant robbers
asparagus investigations


  1. Have you planted your potatoes already then? Eek! I thought I had another month yet....oh crumbs.
    Hello Mr Froggy, or possibly Mrs Froggy looking for a nursery...?

    x x

    1. We're really sheltered where we are, and living in a flat I need the space for more seedlings - the potatoes had good chits on, so I think they'll be fine.