Friday, 3 February 2012

3 Feb 2012 - Tidy up time - Part 3

 This morning was an early start because I was being a lady-wot-lunches today - perhaps a little too early, because the Pond next door still had ice on it.  It was a little too cold for comfort, but that turned out to be a good thing later on.....
Forcing rhubarb

I had planned to dig over the grass on the other side of the black weedmatting to make an L shaped strawberry bed - but as it turned out, the ground was basically frozen solid.  It's usually quite sandy, but I couldn't get a fork in the soil you see here.  I decided that I'd stop after the hour because If I couldn't even dig the soil, what chance would the new strawberry runners have?
new strawberry bed - after
New strawberry bed - before

If you noticed the clump of grass under the tree, well it was pure evil!  It had grown on top of some carpet I couldn't see, but after I found that, I was slowly trying to pry it free and managed to bend my fingernail back a bit further than they are designed to go ;-(
This is where the cold came in handy - didn't hurt quite as much as it might have, and I think my blood was actually frozen).  I did win eventually, me 2 v 1 grass.  I just want sympathy!  Here's how big the clump was.....
the wounded finger
evil clump of grass gone

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