Sunday, 11 March 2012

11 Mar 2012 - Transplanters, more than meets the eye

A bit like Transformers?!  Nah, didn't think so....

Just a quick update - We popped up to the allotment this afternoon to check on how things are going, and the fruit bushes transplanted in January have coped really well considering it wasn't suitable time or weather for it.  The blueberry wasn't affected by the rabbit(s) investigating the roots and there are signs of new growth on the blueberry, redcurrant and gooseberry plants.  The rhubarb didn't take long to force, and there is possibly one more (which looks a bit dead) that we've started to force now.  There are 10 transplanted strawberries that are showing signs of new growth too, so we're really happy with how things are growing!




One of the neighbours had mentioned that the rabbits had been eating his onions!  We inspected our garlic, which is growing nicely (including the bits that shouldn't be there because I'm sure I dug over the whole area!  And would you believe it..... the tops have all been nibbled!   We had a skeet round the other plots, to see how they were protecting plants/beds/plots against the rabbits and pheasants, because in the old plot we only had to deal with longtails and geese.  The tops of all the chives have all been nibbled as well! Walt Disney lied to us!  "What's up Doc?"

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  1. Do you have some kind of micro climate over there?? Mind you, it was definitely Spring on the plot in Cheshire today, maybe it's just that you have more planted than I do but once again I'm jealous of how hard you're working.
    Well done Hun! You deserve a good year after missing out last year. Keep it up Sweetie. x x x