Sunday, 26 February 2012

26 Feb 2012 - Ellie's Plot

Well, this is a little different, but I've been asked to help little Ellie grow her first plants, which I'm over the moon about!  Been patiently waiting for my Mad-Aunty duties to be needed!

I was asked around the start of Feb - the week before all the next-lot-of-snow warnings, so I put it off.  Now it's getting a little better and I've seen daffs and blossom out, we're going to get started.

I want it to be her plot, so I've found a few interesting flowers and veges to grow and she can choose the ones she wants.  All the packets have pictures on, so it'll be much more exciting than pointing to a boring seed! (I hope...)

We've bought her a little spray bottle for watering (not drowning), some labels so she knows something's down there and she's got a choice of:

Chinese lanterns
Peacock Orchids
Freesia (scented)
Californian Poppy
Gourds (decorative)

Lettuce - red, lambs or corn
Coriander - smells fab
Kale -pick a leaf
Rainbow spinach - pick a leaf
Dwarf Beans - burgundy
Pink Fir Apples (potatoes) - 2, complete with egg carton to chit

It is a lot to choose from, but pretty sure she won't want them all - it'll be cool to compare what each of us thinks is a great choice - considering we're a few years older than Ellie....
Aunty: Sunflower, Rainbow Spinach, Peacock Orchids, Burgundy Beans, Potatoes, a Lettuce.
Uncle: Chives, Sunflower, Californian Poppy, Burgundy Beans, Potatoes.
Mum: Burgundy Beans, Rainbow Spinach.
Dad: Californian Poppy, Sunflower.
Actual: Sunflower, Californian Poppy, Coriander, Kale, Potatoes.

I'll be updating with pics throughout the year, so you can just filter by "Ellie's plot" to see how it's growing!

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