Sunday, 5 February 2012

5 Feb 2012 - Tidy up time - Part 4

 Today's job for me was to finish the new strawberry bed that I started on Friday in the freezing cold.... 
strawberries - after
strawberries - before

Mike was going to prune the blackberries and move the tool box so there was a bit more room for walking round.  He even had time to sort out the wire "fence" between our plot and Vic'n'Karen's.
behind the beans - before
behind the compost - before

And here's the final result, quite happy with our work, feeling like we're getting somewhere and it's all coming together nicely ;-)


  1. Yes it is looking good. Where's the snow?

    1. We didn't get any - saw some across the pond tho ;-(

  2. I can't believe how well you manage! I go to the plot and complain I'm too cold and always need a wee... you're doing a grand job there. Roll on Summer. x x x