Wednesday, 1 February 2012

1 Feb 2012 - Tidy up time - Part 2

Second job on the list was the strawberry
bed.  As you can see, it needed it.

I really thought I was there to dig it over.  It all looked so dead!

Pleasantly surprised to find not only a lot of strawberry plants survived, (you can see little green bits with a magnifying glass) but I managed to get quite a few runners, so I'm going to start a new bed tomorrow - I don't know if this bed has had it's 3 years or not, so it's getting just one more.  The fork is by either a really annoying dock leaf that refuses to budge or another horseradish....grrrrrr to both!


  1. Remember me wanting to dig up and throw away all my strawberries? But you said 'Noo, noo, no' (possibly in a Amy Winehouse style, I don't know) so we'll both be catching those strawberry runners this year then eh? Next year we'll have sooooo many strawberries we'll be over run with them...hmmmm...what a heavenly thought ;o) x x
    You're making me worried about buying that diddy little Horseradish now. Recommendations on how to plant it boss?

    1. there's always strawberry daquiri to look forward to - will bring back fond memories of the Med ;-)

      Put the horseradish in a planter or bucket and then plant that in the ground - leave the rim showing so you know that's what's in there ;-)