Sunday, 25 March 2012

25 Mar 2012 - Things are happening!

So the clocks went forward and we took advantage of that by seeing how late we could stay out at the allotment (in eager anticipation of being able to pop up after work sometimes).  Was pleasantly surprised to be in full sun at 7pm, in a strappy top, soaking up the rays ;-)

There were signs of pretty much everyone working on their plots at some point over the weekend, it was fun to see what everyone else was doing.

Mike had the job of securing the little greehouse for getting the seedlings used to not being inside anymore (all together now......awwww).  I didn't get to take a photo before he started, but he did clear the grass away as well. 

I decided to get the "leaves" bed ready.  Dug over and got rid of as many little vein-type roots as I could.  Then handed the bed over to Mike to sort out the rabbitproofing.  Nothing is planted out yet, we're seeing if the rabbits will think there's something there and leave investigative signs, or if the netting will put them off.

Then we got visited from other allotmenters and had a chat for a bit, comparing notes etc.  Afterwards, Mike set out to fix other beds that needed work and I had a go at tidying up the grass path (using the term loosely!) beside the potato bed.  FYI - gloves don't protect from stinging nettles all the time! 

Very happy with out efforts, the plot's coming along nicely and when we left at 7pm, there was still full sun and I was still in my strappy top ;-)  Here's where we're at now - hope you're as impressed as we are!

It's official.  It's summer.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

17 Mar 2012 - Carnation cuttings

carnation shoots
Today I bought some carnations and to my delight the spray ones had the shoots for cutting.  I have tried to do this before, but the shoots were always very small (1-2 rows of new leaves) - today, they were huge and several on each stem!  I just pulled off the shoots, and potted them.

The red stems didn't have any new shoots, but hopefully we'll be having lots of soft pink plants - so many, they may be used as presents!

I'm not a fan of rooting compound, for no particular reason.  I just think that if something wants to grow, it will.  I am, however, curious.  So I've done some with rooting compound - in the small tubs, and the ones in the big tub are au natural.

As you can see, my supervisor was on hand to offer help should I need it.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

11 Mar 2012 - Ellie's potatoes and strawberries

Ellie's Potatoes
Just a quick update on the lovely Ellie's plot - her potatoes are chitting nicely, they came out of the cupboard just for the photo - there are two Pink Fir Apples and one generic potato that I dug up from our allotment.  I think they'll be able to be planted next week and ready to eat for birthday tea!

Ellie's Strawberries

The strawberry plants that I gave her last year have returned again and the new growth is looking good - at about the same stage as the ones at the allotment!  She should be getting good amounts of fruit from these!

11 Mar 2012 - Transplanters, more than meets the eye

A bit like Transformers?!  Nah, didn't think so....

Just a quick update - We popped up to the allotment this afternoon to check on how things are going, and the fruit bushes transplanted in January have coped really well considering it wasn't suitable time or weather for it.  The blueberry wasn't affected by the rabbit(s) investigating the roots and there are signs of new growth on the blueberry, redcurrant and gooseberry plants.  The rhubarb didn't take long to force, and there is possibly one more (which looks a bit dead) that we've started to force now.  There are 10 transplanted strawberries that are showing signs of new growth too, so we're really happy with how things are growing!




One of the neighbours had mentioned that the rabbits had been eating his onions!  We inspected our garlic, which is growing nicely (including the bits that shouldn't be there because I'm sure I dug over the whole area!  And would you believe it..... the tops have all been nibbled!   We had a skeet round the other plots, to see how they were protecting plants/beds/plots against the rabbits and pheasants, because in the old plot we only had to deal with longtails and geese.  The tops of all the chives have all been nibbled as well! Walt Disney lied to us!  "What's up Doc?"