Sunday, 6 May 2012

6 May 2012 - new beds

We were lucky to be given the use of two more beds (well, I say beds, but really the size is about 1/2 the size of our whole plot!) so it was time to see what was under those tarps!  Found 2 rhubarbs and a globe artichoke plant in that bed too!
We also inherited a broken compost bin and in the other bed, we've got a gooseberry plant.

Triffod potatoes and mushroom compost
I decided that the shorter bed could be for potatoes, purely because there's a big lump in the green tarp, which I'm guessing is potatoes and we're trying to do crop rotations.  While pondering life, the universe and everything (it was harder work than I'd expected because of random tough roots, and the grass had spread into the bed more than I'd thought too), I decided that the other bed could be for the pumpkins, courgettes, marrows and melons that have always failed me (except for pattypan squash).  There is a pile of horse manure available for anyone to use, so since pumpkins etc appreciate rubbish'n'sh*t (always grew well on our old compost pile) we had time to dig in the manure and grow the seedlings on the windowsill.
Just incase you think it was just me, it wasn't Mike was busy clearing the earlies potatoes of their weeds and a bit of the weeding in the roots bed, but decided that the only rows to weed would be the nasturtium (for the bees) and the turnips, because they had recognisable leaves now.  He also watered some of the plants that look like they need it.

 The sprouts got some extra protection and that was about all we had time for (except to decide that we don't think it's raspberry canes by the compost bin as we were told, but some kind of currants, watch this space, I guess).  Also collected some rhubarb for dessert tonight, and will be investigating how to make rhubarb wine!

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  1. Oooooohhh! Exciting things a happening down on your patch then. Sorry I've not been around, I'm refusing to visit the book of face lately as it's all just nonsense, except you of course.
    Anyhow, as always I'm blown away by your hard work and happy outlook. (wishing we could be nearer to each other) x x x