Sunday, 13 May 2012

13 May 2012 - Shovelling shite

Just a quick visit today, not sure where the days have gone this weekend!

Everyone has to pull their weight around here - the cat makes sure that there are no mice at home and Mousey's found out that he's the "green" lawnmower!

Mike carried on weeding the potatoes, he's much more patient than me - I prefer the digging.  He very kindly dumped 2 piles of shite onto my freshly dug plot - lucky for me it's the one that I'd been preparing for the pumpkins, melons, courgettes etc!

Here's the promised view of our neighbour's plot.  There is no hope of keeping up with this!  He's thought to be keeping out the's not all that's being kept out - I reckon it'll take 6 strapping lads to move that thing!

We've inherited two new beds, so here's a pic of our whole plot now, you can see the neighbours "buildings" and Mike's head sticking up near the potatoes, which are at the front of the original plot (just by the hose stand).  It's now a dog-leg L shaped plot, with a public walkway between.  (I've very cunningly not got the new broken compost bin in the shot).

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