Wednesday, 30 May 2012

30 May 2012 - Nature's distractions

A chat with the neighbour got us searching for frogs - he's got about a dozen of them, there's 3 in this photo and then we found 2 in his tool box!

Then he saw a massive spider - and made me take a photo of that cos he was so proud of it.  I guess that means it deserves to be on here too (and if I had to suffer, so do you!) 


This butterfly kept coming back to the strawberries - would go for a wander round other plots, but apparently there's nothing better!

And then there was the drive home, the allotment is on a small lane of a road, and I was disappointed not to have my camera with me when a grouse was standing in the road, but I was lucky enough to stop when two peahens crossed the road in front of me and just carried on at no particular speed.  I jumped out of the car, grabbed the camera and just as I was starting to get my photo, a peacock just sauntered past, jumped onto the wall and into the garden!  I kept trying to sneak a photo and ended up at the driveway, with the owners in my way!  I just blatantly asked if I could get some photos, explained I had an allotment up the road and all of a sudden I'm getting a full history and invited in to take as many photos of Lord Fontelroy as I like!

Lord Fontelroy

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