Sunday, 20 May 2012

20 May 2012 - Sunny slog

Yesterday it rained.  So we stayed inside - it wasn't just rain, it was RAIN!  So we're forgiven for not going to the allotment.

Today, the sun came out to play, so we went off to do a little bit - which ended up being 4 hours 10 mins.  Lucky we'd bought a flask of coffee and some lunch with us ;-)

Mike finished off weeding the potatoes which was harder than it looked, cos he was trying to leave the potatoes in (obviously!) but the roots of the weeds (those creeping ones) were so long, he said it was mentally tiring as well!

I pulled back the green tarp to see how the horse poo was doing - it's mulching in fine, incase you're interested!  Also dug over a bit more of that bed and weeded it, ready for the pumpkins, courgettes, melons etc later.  Covered it back up until we need it, and will dig in some more manure next weekend.

I dug in more of the mushroom compost into the new potato bed and then dug knee deep to put in the last row of potatoes.  Not sure what's going to go in the other half of the bed, might take the opportunity to split it into two beds now and maybe put the cape gooseberries in soon.  We got those seeds at the seed swap a while ago and 8 plants have come up on the windowsill!

Here's how some other stuff is doing, not sure we've got beans - I swear the people before us ate nothing but potatoes!  They're everywhere!
turnips, nasturtium & fartichokes
brussel sprouts - red & green

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