Saturday, 17 March 2012

17 Mar 2012 - Carnation cuttings

carnation shoots
Today I bought some carnations and to my delight the spray ones had the shoots for cutting.  I have tried to do this before, but the shoots were always very small (1-2 rows of new leaves) - today, they were huge and several on each stem!  I just pulled off the shoots, and potted them.

The red stems didn't have any new shoots, but hopefully we'll be having lots of soft pink plants - so many, they may be used as presents!

I'm not a fan of rooting compound, for no particular reason.  I just think that if something wants to grow, it will.  I am, however, curious.  So I've done some with rooting compound - in the small tubs, and the ones in the big tub are au natural.

As you can see, my supervisor was on hand to offer help should I need it.

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