Thursday, 22 August 2013

Rhubarb Custard Pie

This is a friend's family recipe, so big thanks to her for sharing!

Short sweet pastry
2 cups of rhubarb (I used a bit more than 2 cups because of my dish)
2 eggs
2 tablespoons melted butter
1 cup of sugar
2 tablespoons flour

Line a backing dish with 2/3 of pastry.

Chop the rhubarb into 1-2cm pieces and put into pastry lined dish. 

Mix the eggs, melted butter, sugar and flour together and pour over rhubarb. 

Using last 1/3 roll out and lattice cut, put on top. 

(forgot to put the rhubarb in the pic, but I'm sure you know what chopped rhubarb looks like!)

Bake at 400*f (200*C) for 10min then reduce to 350*f (180*C) for 30min or until custard is set (after following the instructions and adding an extra 10 mins cooking, the custard hadn't set, so I put it back up to 200*C for another 15 mins).

ENJOY (definitely the easiest part!)

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