Sunday, 28 April 2013

28 Apr 2013 - the other fence!

I've been really slack updating my blog this year, so I'll just admit that I'm doing this today, 24 July 2013 and going to backdate it so it appears when it was actually done.  There, admitted guilt, now forgiven!

This fence goes down the other side and I have to say that I didn't do this bit, my better half did.  I did the "from shed to fence" side, if you want to have a nosey.  We'll have a race and see who's lasts longer!  Nothing like a bit of competition at an allotment!

Our neighbours on that side had given up and torn down their fruit cage contraption, which ripped down most of our shared fence- the grass, weeds and nettles were getting really high, so he had to dig away at the fenceline, rip out what he could see of the old mesh that was lost in all the greenery, before the new fence could be put up.  Also, most of the fence posts had been ruined.  Nothing like a challenge, huh?!

 And here's some after pics:

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