Tuesday, 16 April 2013

16 Apr - 2013 - Potatoes time!

Wow!  Twice in one month!  The rumour-mill will be turning!

We had gale force winds this week, so I was a bit worried about what I would find - my little seedlings only in last week, and the fence that I put up as well.... all I can say is, it turns out those were the least of my worries!

I started my day off by having to go to St Johns Ambulance course for work, so I put all my allotment gear in the car, including the last of the sprouts seedlings (yes, I did make my colleagues have a look at them!)

I was confused about the missing cloche bottle, which is clearly shown as missing in this pic - but how is it not rolling around under the netting somewhere!!!!!

Then it was time for the triffods (I mean potatoes!) that have been waiting impatiently at home to be planted!

Last year, the potatoes were in the larger square bed, but now rotation says they move up the plot and are in the smaller rectangle beds.

This doesn't mean that we're having less potatoes, it means that I need to come up with a Plan B!  Tyres it is then.

I actually got this idea off the owner of the tyre shop I used to go to.  I kept taking his "rubbish" tyres for my old allotment to edge the fruit bushes and he told me that he gets a lot of people taking them for potatoes.  It saves him money for getting rid of the tyres, and then he gave me a discount when it was my turn to get new tyres on my car. 

I've gone off on a tangent....sorry.

I've left the good spinach & leeks in (for now). 

Anyway, you can see how it starts.....

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