Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Raspberry Fool

As usual, what I used is in italics because you just know that I tweaked the recipe ..... again.

2 punnets raspberries (1/3 of what we picked last time - defrosted)
150g custard (440g tin because there was alot juice)
150g Greek style natural yoghurt (plus 2-3 dollops to thicken)
1/2t caster sugar (none, we're sweet enough!!)
Blend the raspberries and sieve out the pips (do you really think I did that!?)

I blended everything together in the real recipe and then added the extra custard & yoghurt to thicken it, because there was alot of raspberry juice and it was a bit runny.
Got a decent bowlful, which will do nicely for tonight and leftovers for tomorrow's picnic!  I don't know if it would freeze, I guess it would separate on defrosting - better to just eat it over two days!

Took about 5 minutes to make!

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