Thursday, 2 August 2012

A year in the life....

2 Aug 2012 - main plot
2 Aug 2012 - new plot
8 July 2012 - new plot
8 July 2012 - main plot

13 May 12 - whole plot
13 May 12 - original plot

29 April, new section

25 Mar 12
29 Feb 12

1 Feb 12
27 Dec 11


  1. It takes time, but it sure is excellent progress and so much more rewarding when you stand back and look at your hard work. My Pa has just gained an allotment and we have been over the past few weeks, working hard. soem plots have been dug over and we have even managed to get tatties in. Happy Growing Lady Le,

  2. Well done Mike and Fe, the allotment looks good. Our clocks go back tonight it will be good wake to a bit of sun in the mornings. Your blog is always an interesting read.