Thursday, 2 August 2012

2 Aug 2012 - Not giving up on beans!

 So far this year we've had absolutely no success with beans.  I will not give up on them!  I've narrowed it down to what's not wrong:
1) Other people on the same land are growing different types of bean plants
2) We've tried 4 different varieties - broad beans, mangetouts, generic peas, dwarf beans
3) We've tried 2 different areas on our plot
4) We've tried starting the windowsill at home
5) We've bought new packets incase they were old seeds
6) We've tried different suppliers 
Therefore, it must be that the universe does not want us to have beans for Christmas dinner!

Here's the 3rd area we're trying (before pic) - I'm hoping that the wet summer we've had so far means that we're going to have a bit more sun for the rest of the year and it's not too late to try again.....

Same view, with most of the lawn mowed, the cape gooseberries have new protection and there are canes of broad beans and generic peas put in (with nasturtium in the middle so it looks pretty and at least guaranteed something will grow!)

Here it is from a different angle.  I'm eagerly anticipating some seedlings coming up soon!

The empty tyre in the cape gooseberry enclosure is because next year I'm going to have 3 tyres full and I thought it'd be better to cut the mesh to the right size now.

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