Monday, 9 April 2012

Ellie's Plot - Potatoes & growth

Well, it's time to be planting out the potatoes that Ellie's been carefully chitting.  She's got 3 - 2 pink fir apples and a generic one we dug up from our allotment.  Mum and Dad have been given strict instructions of their duties, which I know will be followed to the letter!
strawberries, allotment and chitted potatoes
covering the potatoes

coriander (top), kale (bottom)
The strawberries are looking good, lots of new leaves on there!

While we were at it (and before the rain came back), Ellie put in some more californian poppy and sunflower seeds, because it looked like the cat had been for a little dig in there. 

There are some coriander and curly kale come up, which we were all very pleased to see!  We also left her some cress seeds to plant with Dad during the week.

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