Monday, 9 April 2012

8 April 2012 - Easter work

a well earned Easter Egg break!
Well, it might not look like much, but we have been busy - honest!

Friday was a trip to the park after baking a courgette cake - a 3.5 year old had 4 pieces!

Saturday was bowling and seeing what older kids think of courgette cake (sent it home with them, will find out later, I guess).

Brussel sprouts survived

Sunday was allotment day, Mike sorted out a better cover for the sprouts, and luckily, they all survived the hail/snow/wind/rain we've had last week - the net curtain did the trick, but was a temporary cover designed to keep the hares out.

roots planted

I dug over and planted out some seeds in the roots bed.  Under the mesh is jerusalem artichokes, and there are now one row each of samurai carrots (red), snowball turnips, nasturtium, salsify and beetroot.

The plan is for them to have 2 weeks head start on the next lot of veg, so that we aren't swamped with stuff all at the same time.

3 new rhubarb plants forced
We weren't sure if there was any rhubarb survivor in the existing tyre, so we tried forcing soil - lucky us - there's 3 plants come up!

You have to look close for the 3rd one - it's at the front.

lazy weeding

Mike dug up some of the grass that's grown between the tyres at the end of the brussel sprout bed and that took ages.  Plan B is to cover the grass for now and see if it dies away to make life a bit easier.

Next year, we'll extend the length of the beds to the fenceline.

Oh, and Monday - well that was sorting Ellie's Plot!


  1. Ah I feel better now :o) an allotment fix does me good but we've not been able to get to our plot since last Sunday.
    Again you put me to shame with what you've achieved.
    Salsify? x x

  2. Looking good! I noticed some hail up at LALAA today as well but luckily haven't planted anything tender yet.

    Courgette cake...yum yum!