Sunday, 29 April 2012

Campstove cooking

You may have noticed a lack of chatter, well we've been on holiday and I thought since summer keeps appearing, disappearing and popping back for a visit every now and then, it could be possible to have the odd dinner at the allotment.  We've been camping for a couple of weeks and managed some pretty exotic stuff on a little campstove, so I'll share them with you ;-)

As usual, what was supposed to be used will be in italics.  We had limited space, so just bought a tube of generic herbs & spices, and reused left over herbs, pasta or veges and adapted the recipes.  I know you're not surprised by now!

Fajitas - we used a collapsable camping frying pan, mince (chicken pieces), spices, onions, baguettes, cheese and lettuce
Fajitas cooking
Fajitas al fresco

Lemon pasta - we used a wok, pasta shells (linguine), olive oil butter (oil) & a real lemon for the juice
Pasta cooking
Lemon pasta
Warm chorizo salad - we used the collapsable frying pan, chorizo sausage chopped up, salad, posh bread and a nice rosehip wine
Prepping the salad
Warm chorizo salad
Bruchetta bagels - toasting bagels, add tomatoes, salt and herbs
Toasting bagels
Bruchetta bagels
Courgette & Goats Cheese Pasta - we used the wok, olive oil butter (oil), 1 courgette, cubed goats cheese and pasta shells (spaghetti)
Cooking the courgettes
Courgette & goats cheese pasta
Bacon & Brocolli Stir Fry - we used the wok, full sized brocolli stems (brussel sprouts but "It's not Christmas") and chopped bacon with spices, posh bread and some lovely local cider
Cooking the bacon
Bacon & brocolli stirfry

Mexican Tomato Rice - we used the wok, rice boiled with mint leaves, chopped tomatoes, spices, mixed veges and chopped brocolli
Risotto ingredients
Mexican Tomato Rice


  1. "Lyme Something-or-Other" Rosehip wine is utterly gorgeous... do you still have the photo of the label?

    1. Yup, it's on the facebook album ;-)

  2. WOW!!!! Tinned hotdogs being our favourite camping food doesn't even come near to all this posh nosh. Looks brilliant! Yummy. x

    How's the plot looking? I can't move today after putting in the last 2 rows of Late potatoes (Pink fir apple) and earthing up the other 7 rows :o/