Friday, 6 January 2012

Too many strawberries? It's Daquiri time!

Last year, (quite luckily around my birthday) we had far too many strawberries ripen all at the same time.  There's really only so many you can scoff at once without looking like a strawberry (yup, there were THAT many!)

We were having a picnic for my birthday, so thought we'd have a go at making Frozen Strawberry Daquiri's to share with friends (well it would be rude not to!).

There was a recipe, but we had too many strawberries to be bothered counting out 35ml white rum, 2tsp white sugar and 25 ml lime juice for every 4 strawberries (and we didn't even have any strawberry liqueur)!!!!

So in true free-pour fashion, we just kept cutting up the strawberries, bashing the ice, putting in a bit of sugar, adding some rum to a decent consistency and throwing in a bit of lime juice to taste!

We made about 2 litres and still had some strawberries in the freezer to have another go later, and finally found a reason to use the decanter!

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  1. Now this I LIKE!! PLus, officially, it just has to count as 1 as your 5 a day. x