Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Plot layout

bracken, fruit trees, brambles, blackberries
compost bin                                 broadbeans
raspberry canes          fruit tree, strawberries

5 - strawberries
4 - garlic

The idea is to have a crop rotation going, which will be a bit hit and miss the first year, mostly because unless we dig something up, we won't know what was there before!  Fingers crossed'n'all that jazz.  The basic system will be that there won't be roots following roots or leaves following leaves, and throw in the odd bed of experimental veges every now and then!

I do know that where the broadbeans and new strawberries are was potatoes, and bed 4 had cabbages and garlic in.  I've put the garlic in the other end of the bed, mostly because it was the only uncovered bed at the time and call me cheap, but I didn't want to waste the pods!

We've got some asparagus to move from the old plot, so will have to get our butts into gear and get one bed ready for it this weekend!  As that won't be moving, might make it a permanent bed with half asparagus and the other half fruit bushes, like gooseberry, blueberry and currants.  DEFINITELY have to squeeze in my beloved boysenberry plants somewhere - maybe just to join the berries down the back to runamuck.

Not sure what to do with the tyres down the side of the plot, they're full of "stuff" so I think some inspiration will be needed there (and a bit of hard slog).

Favourite veges that will making an appearance are: Beetroot - golden & purple, Borlotti Beans, Brussel Sprouts - red and green, Cauliflower - sunset & purple, Chinese Leaves, Coriander, Curly Kale, Dwarf Beans, Garlic, Leeks, Mangetout, Parsnip, Patty Pan, Rainbow Spinach, Salsify, Savoy Cabbage, Silverbeet and Turnip.

Experimental veges that we've either wanted to try, or have tried and so far failed at, are: Courgette, Cucumber, Fennel, Marrow, Pumpkins - Turks Turban and Whangaparaoa Crown, Sweetcorn and some exotic veges that I get as presents!  Other ideas are very welcome!


  1. That's pretty impressive - looks like you have a plan already. I remember trying to decide how to lay out our plot out at the Braaid (Alison thought it quite amusing when I was wandering around measuring everything with a tape measure..heh). Going to have to figure out where we are going to put everything this year. Interesting to see which veggies you're planning to grow too - we planted some florence fennel fairly late last year which did really well till one day something pulled them all up and dropped them all over the bed (I suspect the geese..grr!). Want to have a go at pumpkins too!

  2. Hey Tony, your fennel was doing fine when we were there last weekend - you've got them under the cloches? Think you've got 4 survivors! I want to grow it but not sure I'll like it!
    Might give celeriac another go, but they were alot of hard work cleaning up & not even 1/4 size they sell in Shoprite!
    For something a bit different, Patty Pan squash are really easy to grow down there and have a nutty flavour.

  3. Wow ! I'm impressed !! you have braved the winter winds and cold and already have a head start on me. Thanks for visiting my blog and the tip for growing patty pan squash, I will give it a try as I love squashes and pumpkins.
    Good luck with the new plot. I will pop back to see how it's going.

  4. Heya Mad Kiwi - I started my allotment from scratch but think it would be such a bonus to take one one with some inherited fruit trees and bushes! I see you were at the Braaid before - I know Lynn the secretary very well :) I'm actually the secretary of the Laxey site and through the Allotment Forum know both Lynn and Amanda Griffin from Jurby. Good luck and I look forward to hearing how you get on!