Monday, 23 January 2012

23 Jan 2012 - seedlings & sowing

leeks, squash and radish
It's playtime!  Decided that I should plant out some of my leeks, got two sorts going this year, because I've got a fab recipe for them (I'll share another day), found some white patty pan squash and purple radish - I tried resisting, but I was worn down in the shop (honest)

I have no idea how many I planted, decided it was a good idea to do while waiting for a facemask to set and I didn't have my glasses on - now that's some kind of multi-tasking (not sure what type.....)

Anyway, glasses back on, time to find out how my seedlings are doing on the windowsill, because I planted them a whole 9 days ago....

middle row 1 & 3 - red spring onion

Vales Emerald chitting away in egg carton

Not bad, not bad at all!  Even if I do say so myself ;-)

Row 1/2 purple cauliflower, Row 3/1 savoy cabbage, Row 8/2 green khol rabi


  1. Very interesting. Did you make those boxes? I note that its now the 26th and you have done nothing since the 23rd slacking a.

    1. Haha!! I've been stargazing and looking after my seedlings! Have now got 3 purple cauliflower, 2 savoy cabbage, 2 green khol rabi, a nasturtium and some red spring onion and planted out some leeks in another planter - no flies on me! ;-)

  2. Awww...congratulations on the birth of your new shoots. Hee hee! I LOVE the purple radish seeds... if I didn't already have a thousand seeds already I'd rush out to buy some NOW!

    I've still not planted anything yet.

    C. x