Tuesday, 5 March 2013

From shed to fence

Well, after a LOOOOONG spell away from here - every day off I had seemed to be when Britain was under water, or there was snow.
one supervisor
and 2 inspectors!

So, to cut a long story short - a while back on a Facebook group I was in, a lady up the road from me wanted to get rid of her shed, free to a good home.  We went and had a look at it and decided it would be of some use (although unknown for what at the time) and we'd take it.  We waited for them to get a new shed - and now the story really begins!

28 Feb 2013 - Here's the shed, in all it's glory (and not so much).  We took the roof off in one piece, which was no mean feat for 2 people!  Mike then cut it in 1/4 with a jigsaw and I slowly ticked away at removing the window wall.

my top quality tools!
I really should big myself up here - look how brave I was, alone, defenseless...

that's MY finger!
4 Mar 2013 - Then I was lucky to have a few annual leave days that I needed to use up, and the weather stayed fine for me!  So I slowly ticked away at putting up the panels along the side of the allotment with no fencing at all.  Mostly because the neighbours aren't there much, and the grass keeps creeping over the path, I spend most of my time sorting that out, rather than on veges!  And because the bunnies are having a field day on our veg.  Still have to sort out the other side, but can just mend the mesh fence a bit because that neighbour isn't there much, and their grass is pulling the mesh down!  Ho hum.
before, from the front
day 1, from the back
day 1, from the front

day 1's kit used

5 Mar 2013 - Time to tackle the back and two gates.  How hard could it be?  With tired arms, it took longer to do those 4 boards, than the front and whole side yesterday!  But I got there!  And even had time to add an extra tyre for a new rhubarb, plus dig over the first bed ready for the garlic and onions tomorrow (or the next day).
Rhubarb Corner

day 2, from the back
day 2, from the front