Saturday, 17 November 2012

6-17 Nov 2012 - Asparagus beds

We may have left this a bit late to do - when I say late,

I mean literally..... we finished it with the help of a Zen Buddhist Monk & his head torch!  It was pitch black by the time we left, but we were determined to get it finished!

We've made these permanent beds and although we started this on 6 November, I'm writing this on 21 April (cos that's how I roll!) and I've now edged and fenced off one of the beds from longtails and rabbits.

Here's a few pics of how it went.....
Scared me silly when I found this in the rhubarb!
Not sure what beetle this is, but hope it's a good'un
6 March 2013, one now fenced off

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