Thursday, 7 June 2012

6 June 2012 - fruits of labour

Today was mostly about mowing the grass because it was getting really long and our new toy arrived - 2 hours of mowing meant that I only had time totake photos of how everything else was going.
confirmed to be a plum tree!

The tree that we'd been keeping an eye on has now started showing signs of fruit - looks like we've got ourselves a plum tree after all!

 It's official, these are raspberry canes!
We've got lots of raspberries coming up, after trying to work out if they were currants when we only had bare canes to look at.

Cape Gooseberries surviving the outdoors!
The Cape Gooseberries have coped well with being outside, we've had a mixture of weather from very hot to very wet, but they're looking strong, and the slugs have stayed away, which is always nice!

plastic tree farm doing well!
The first 2 rows are Spaghetti Squash, which I planted straight out as seeds, but that was only last week, so early days yet. 

The back two rows are ornamental gourds which have been grown on the window sill, possibly a bit early to be going out, but they've got their own greenhouses.  I've extended the experiment to see if having lids on or off makes any difference.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my post on your allotment and I can't believe I missed the manure pile! Where is it located?